Learn to Crochet

Fifteen years ago now, I was taught basic crochet stitches by a friend at work. She is right-handed and I am left-handed so it was a little tricky, but I really wanted to learn. I started by making scarves and then blankets (I think everyone in my family received a scarf for Christmas that year!).

After my first son was born, I began making crochet baby booties and hats. I loved making baby stuff, and soon friends and family wanted me to make baby gifts for them. 

Now as I look back over all the things I have made in that short amount of time, I am amazed. Crochet came very natural to me (God-willing of course) and honestly I learned most of what I know from You Tube videos! I crocheted with the teacher on the video and it became more and more easy to crochet. 

SO I am now SHARING WITH YOU....My favorite You Tube Tutorials and Information so that you too can learn to crochet for family and friends!

ART OF CROCHET - Simple Crochet
The link above has several videos you can watch to help you learn basic crochet stitches and techniques. You will want to begin with the video titled "CHAIN." There is also a left-handed version.
The teacher "Teresa" is great. She has very clear voice too, which makes her videos the best. She also has a blog...check it out!

If you are reading a pattern you will need to know:
Crochet Abbreviations

Check out CROCHET SCHOOL by craftyminx.com!

Visit the CRAFT YARN COUNCIL to learn more techniques for crocheting and knitting.