Friday, January 24, 2014

Gauge, Sizing, and Measuring Crochet Baby Hats

One of the biggest challenges for crocheting baby hats is making sure the hat comes out the right size!
I crocheted so many hats before I figured out how my gauge determined the overall measurement of my hats. Now after many years of making baby hats, I can pretty much determine from the start of a pattern what size my hat will turn out, but it took a long time to get there. 

If you are reading a crochet pattern that provides a gauge in the pattern directions, go ahead and check your gauge before starting the pattern. Each person crochets a little differently. I happen to crochet pretty tightly. If I check the pattern gauge and the swatch is coming out small, then I will change to larger hook. Usually one size up. 

Example -   
Gauge: 4 inches = 11 stitches and 13 rows
This gauge is for a pattern in single crochet with an H hook. 
If you single crochet a swatch that is 11 sts across and 13 rows down, it should come out 4 inches. 
From Lion - "Gauge is the term that is used to define the proper tension you should work to insure that the crocheted piece you make will be the right size when it's completed. The hook size listed in the pattern is just the size used by the designer to work at the proper gauge. You may need to change hook size in order to work at the given gauge!"
Most pattern writers will provide you with sizes and measurements at the beginning of the pattern so that you will know what hat size to make, but some do not. Here are the sizes and measurements I use for my baby hats. Please keep in mind, each baby's head size is unique. These sizes are approximates and do not fit every baby. For example, my first son had a tiny little head when he was born. He was in the 13% percentile in head size. But my second son, had a big ole' noggin and skipped the newborn sizing altogether! 

Newborn: 14" circumference, 5.5" from crown to brim
3-6 months: 14-16", 5.5"
6-12 months: 16-18", 6.5"
12-24 months: 18-19.5", 7 1/2"
2T-4T: 19-20.5", 7 1/2"
5T to Preteen: 20.5-21.5", 8"   

Now once you have completed your crochet baby hat. How do you measure the hat to make sure it is coming out the right size? Want to see how I measure my hats? Watch this video! 

I will be posting the pattern for this hat in a separate post coming soon. Stay tuned PLEASE!


  1. You are fantastic! Thanks for this tidbit. I used to use my daughters head as a baseline but she's growing. And her head is huge. :)

  2. Thank you Jenny. A lovely video. I wish I could crochet but just don't seem to have time to learn something new right now! <3 in Christ,
    Debra (

    1. Thanks Debra, I'm so glad you visited my blog I love your work! Yes, I understand....I wish I had time to learn to dye and spin yarn. :-} Blessings to you, Jenny