Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas at Happy Baby Crochet

Happy Baby Reindeer Hat
Photo by Bella Bebe Photography

Christmas is right around the corner and things have been busy as usual around here! This is definitely been my busiest season yet. I am so thankful to my customers and especially repeat business. I am also so grateful  for the reviews left by customers in my Etsy shop. These keep me motivated to keep creating and selling. Most of all I am blessed by God to be a stay-at-home mom and to keep doing what I love. 

This Christmas I wanted to find ways to keep Christ in Christmas. One resource I have enjoyed is reading daily devotions from FaithGateway. Just reading these devotions every day has really helped me to focus on what is really important about Christmas. I have also enjoyed making scarves for Knit Together In Love. The scarves sent to needy children around the world. It gives me joy to use my skills to hopefully put a smile on a child's face or help them be warm this winter. I have also been working on a song to sing at church for Christmas. Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant is a beautiful song. Praising God with my voice is one way I can use my gifts for Him at Christmas. 

My Etsy shop will be closed to new orders until after January. I will be organizing all of my end of the year tax information (fun time!) and hopefully working on some pattern writing. I know one day I will get organized enough to release some of my patterns. It has been so hard to complete this task but I have faith!

Merry Christmas and enjoy this time with your babies....they grow so fast. These Christmas memories will last forever!


Photo by Bella Bebe Photography

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