Friday, April 26, 2013

From Yarn Scraps to New Pillows! Recycling Left-over Yarn

AGH....I have bags and bags of yarn scraps!! What do I do with all of this left-over yarn making clutter in my house?? I feel horrible throwing it away, so I wanted to think of an alternative way for me to recycle my yarn scraps. Well, here is one idea!

From yarn scraps to cool pillows.

I wanted to make some chevron pillows for my very old and ugly couches. I mean, why buy new couches when you have little kids, right? What is the point? So, I thought maybe some updated pillows would liven them up.

Here is what I did:

One of my many yarn scrap piles....

1. Gather your left over yarn -
I have mostly cotton and acrylic.
This is approximately the handful size you want while stuffing your pillows.

2. And some poly-fil

3. Grab your handmade pillow case.
Bought the fabric from Sew Fine Fabric on Etsy Here

4. Time to one big handful of yarn scraps and then one big handful of poly. Keep stuffing till your pillows are nice and firm.

5. Sew them up nice and tight and there you go

6. I love my new pillows but the couch has GOT TO GO!

I even used some of the extra fabric to make a cool tag for my hungry caterpillar set!

God Bless,