Sunday, May 27, 2012

Falling In Love with Handspun Yarn

I think God definitely made me a "creative" person. Sometimes I lay in bed awake at night thinking of all the new things I want to make, crochet or other. You might do this too. There are times I get an idea at the store, or while playing with my kids, or searching online but typically it's late at night before I go to sleep (GREAT TIMING!). When I get an idea in my head, it takes every ounce of my being not to jump in the car to go buy the materials I need to start my project right away!

More recently, I have been inspired by the most beautiful handspun yarns, created by work-from-home-moms out of their American homes. Just to touch these yarns sends a tingle through my spine! I love it. It feels so soft and you can just see the beautiful artistic talent that went in to dying and spinning the fibers. Absolutely Beautiful!

So I thought I would share my 2 favorite handspun yarn vendors. All of their yarn is AMAZING! If you crochet or knit, you must get you some of this handspun yumminess!

The first is Spin-Up Yarns.
Andrea creates the most beautiful yarns right out of her home. I am amazed at all she does. So much talent! She has made several custom yarns for me and I love working with her. She is had her most recent update this past Friday, May 25th. Check her out!

The second is Winding the Skein.
Debra from Winding the Skein updates her shop every Monday at 6pm PDT. Her yarns sell very quicky so be ON TIME if you want to buy! Visit her on facebook for her most recent updates. She also sells knitting patterns.

Here are some creations I have made from both
Spin Up and Winding the Skein Yarns! Go visit them today!

The Summer Hat - Made from Winding the Skein's Super Bulky Merino
This one is currently for sale in my etsy shop!

Lady Violet Hat - made from Spin Up Yarn's Faux Cashmere, Bamboo
This one is currently for sale in my etsy shop!

Sweet Pea Hat - made from Winding the Skein's Super Bulky Merino
This one is currently for sale in my etsy shop!
Easter Hat - made from Spin Up Yarn's Watercolor Trees, SW Merino, Bamboo, Nylon

Spring Headband - made from Spin Up Yarn's Watercolor Trees - SW Merino, Bamboo, Nylon