Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baby Crochet and Newborn Photo Props

When it comes to crochet, newborn photography prop making seems top at the list for the hottest craze. I think there is a new prop shop popping up every minute on etsy! I can't believe some of the things being created. I've seen some beautful crochet work recently and super talented artists.

My photographer friend is the one who suggested I start making photo props. I was busy making and selling baby gifts, shoes and hats, but she showed me some photographs on etsy...and I was hooked! I am enjoying it so much...so much more fun than just boring old baby shoes and hats.

If you can crochet baby hats, blankets, cocoons, headbands, slings, or anything of the like, you should try selling some items on etsy and see how it goes. There are some great patterns you can find for making photo props. I would strongly suggest this since you never know with other baby crochet patterns if the sizing is correct. You definitely want it to fit. There are some crochet pattern designers who have lots of experience in this area.

So, how do you know who to buy your pattern from? What pattern do you choose? Well, I have a great suggestion!

If you aren't already a member of RAVELY. Go sign up. You can search for patterns (click at the top on "patterns) you want to make. (example: baby photo prop hat) Then, once you find a pattern you are interested in, click at the top on "projects." Most of the patterns have other people who have already made items from the pattern. They like to share pictures of their work. If you like how the other projects turned out, that probably means it a good pattern and it's okay to buy it.

I create most of my own patterns but I have bought some that I really like on etsy from Inner Hooker, Mamachee, and Little Abee. Sometimes it's silly to write a new pattern for something when these other designers have already perfected it!

Well, good luck with the pattern search and now I will share with you the hat I just made using a pattern from Inner Hooker. It's her pumpkin hat pattern. Soon to be available for slae in my shop!

Monday, June 13, 2011

New Crochet Baby Shoes

Here are the 2 new styles of crochet baby booties that I have just added to my etsy shop. I am working on matching hats too! The shoes below are called "Happy Little Tree Climbers." I know that's sort of a strange name, but I took several pictures of them on a tree branch as you can see in some of the pictures and I just thought it was a cute, yet original name. The are also made of organic cotton and wool, so I was thinking about that they are "earthy" like "trees"...okay, so that doesn't make much sense does it? Ha! They come in sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 6-9 months.

Happy Little Tree Climbers

These are called "Cute as a Button Booties." One of my facebook fans came up with their name...yay! I love these booties. They come in sizes 3-6 months and 6-9 months.
Cute as a Button Booties

I thought I would share some pictures of me making them.....
If you've ever made baby shoes, you know how tedious they can be but shoes are definitely my first love when it comes to crochet!

Finished the sole!....
 Beginning the trim.....
Hiding my stitch.....
 Making the body.....
 Adding Buttons.....
 The finished product.....


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Adding Buttons to Your Hats - Tutorial

Unfinished Wood Button
 Here's an idea! Paint some wood buttons to put on your crochet baby hats!

Here's a tutorial:

Buy some unfinished wood buttons from the craft store. This one below I bought from Joann's and the brand is Everything Mary. This one is approx. 2  1/2 inches in diameter.

Now buy some paint. I bought this metallic paint that would add an "antique" look to my button.

Now paint your buttons! Here is one unfinished wood and 2 painted with 2 different metallic acrylic paints.
Here's the finished product! All I did was thread my yarn, sewed my button to the hat, went back through the button holes one more time, back out the other side, cut my yarn and left a little "tied" look. This size is 6-12 months.  

Here's a picture of the same hat with an unfinished wood button. This size is 0-3 months and I did the threading a little different. Both of these hats are made with Nature's Choice Organic Cotton by Lion Brand.

Hope you Enjoy and can make some hats like this for your little one!