Saturday, March 19, 2011

Baby Showers and Consignment Sales

Newsboy Hat and Blue Booties

Little Blue Booties

I helped to give a baby shower today for a friend who is due with her first baby, a BOY! I just love making baby shower gifts because it's a fun gift for mom in the midst of her diapers, bibs, bottles, burp cloths (even though all of these things are VERY NECESSARY ITEMS).  My friend was excited about them and I can't wait to see them on her little bundle of joy. I think I enjoy seeing them on baby's feet (and heads) as much as the mom's do.
Other than the baby shower, the remaining of the weekend was spent working on a consigment sale I do twice a year. It's called ALL FOR KIDS and the location where I buy/sell is Marietta, GA at the Mt. Paran North location. If you are local....YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT THIS SALE! It's by far the best in the area. Not only do you find great deals, but every time I sign up as a seller, I sell almost all of my items and receive a pretty good return. It's nice to get the check at the end of the sale! They do take 30% of your total sales and pay a $8 seller fee, but compared to Craigslist and Ebay, I think this is totally the way to go. You don't have to meet strangers at weird locations to have them buy your stuff, or worse, they come to your house. You don't have to bother shipping anything and the risk of it not getting there. You don't have to deal with returns....etc. etc.....
So, I sold most all of my baby items this past sale. (my swing, my jumper, my baby bathtub) I'm a little sad since I know this means we are really done having more kids. It really brought more of a realization for me that my baby stuff is gone. We also need the space so it made since to sell it. I am sad though, but I know I am getting older and I am so happy having my 2 sons. God has truly blessed us!
Of course, you never want to rule out God's ultimate plan. If we got pregnant with another baby one day, we would be very happy of course. I never know God's plan and wouldn't want to rule anything out totally, but in my mind he has given me peace that this is it for me and more babies. I will just continue to make cute stuff for them and enjoy my 2 sons for now!

Don't forget to......

Well hope you are having a blessed day and take care,

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