Friday, January 28, 2011

Yarn I Heart!

Tiny Yarn Heart
When I comes to yarn choice, I consider myself pretty picky. Since I crochet baby items, I want them to be soft, and colorful, and baby-ish, but quality. I don't want them to get pilly when washed or stained when spit up on or other things that babies do.:-) I want a yarn that it easy to work with but I also want my creations to last. I want them to be something cherished, that moms can put in their child's keepsake box to last forever.

When I first learned crochet, I didn't really care about quality because I wasn't educated on what was out there. I thought a trip to Joann's or Michael's for yarn was fine...and it is, but there are so many more options! Even now I wouldn't describe myself as a yarn expert, but I am learning and still searching for my favorite yarns. Finding ones I love, and ones I hate. 

So, on to my FAVORITE YARN:

At the moment, I am mainly working on crochet baby hats and booties. 
I recently FELL IN LOVE with these yarns----
BLUE SKY ALPACAS I love their worsted weight organic cotton. They also have a line called SPUD & CHLOE that is super soft and beautiful to work with. The best thing about these yarns is not only the quality, but they have super bright colors.
Colors like grape jelly - watermelon - splash - pollen-  firefly - jelly bean -popsicle - lemongrass - lotus - flamingo - poppy
If you asked me to make anything out of these yarns, I would probably say A BIG YES!

So, my suggestion is to take a trip to a yarn store near you and just FEEL the difference or look at reviews online. Unfortunately most of the time with yarn, you get what you pay for...And even if Joann's, Michael's, or Walmart is your only option for yarn, there are great options there too. A lot of it depends on your project. I love "Cotton Ease"  by Lion Brand and "Caron's Simply Soft."  Both of these yarns have made some really nice baby crochet stuff.

Locally, I love going to:
Talk to someone there and have them help you with the project you are working on and the type of yarn they suggest. It will make a big difference on the outcome!


  1. Beautiful work ~ beautiful blog ~ beautiful baby ~ hugs and namaste, artmusedo ^_^