Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Quick & Easy Baby Gifts - WOOL DRYER BALLS

Need a quick and easy baby gift idea?
Wool dryer balls are the best!
If you've run out of time to make a crochet baby hat or crochet baby booties, etc. but you want to give something handmade....make some wool dryer balls! They are super quick and EASY!

Reason #1 - EASY. Anyone can make them!
Reason #2 - Don't take up a lot of time but are handmade AND you can personalize them.
Reason #3 - Cost is very minimal.
Reason #4 - They are a great alternative to dryer sheets AND SAFE for the environment!
Reason #5 - Moms will love them.
Reason #6 - You can be creative with them (adding them to a gift basket, cute packaging, etc.)
Reason #7 - They are great for static and collect lint.

You don't have to be a natural "GREEN" mom or a cloth diapering mom to appreciate wool dryer balls. They are great for any mom-to-be. Dryer sheets can irritate a baby's delicate skin, so these are a great alternative...and they are safe for the environment. You can use them over and over again!

There are many ways to make them but here is my EASY/QUICK way:
2 skeins 100% wool yarn (feltable wool is best) (do not use superwash)
pantyhose or knee highs (whatever you can find)
yarn needle

Start by wrapping your yarn really tight into a ball (I used some scrap wool for this part). Once you have reached the size of the larger ball below (a tad bigger than a golf ball),  take your needle and secure the tail. *You want it to be really tight and really secure so that it doesn't come apart in the wash.

After securing your balls, put them into your pantyhose and tie them TIGHTLY together with a scrap piece of yarn. *Again I want to stress VERY TIGHT.
Wash them on WARM or HOT (you can throw them in with your regular laundry) and then dry them on the HOT until they are completely dry. They will felt up a bit.

Next, remove them from the hose and and begin wrapping more yarn TIGHTLY until they reach the size of a tennis ball. I used my preferred color with this part (green) since I am making them for Christmas. I used Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller FULL O'SHEEP 100%  wool.  Secure them, put them back in a hose, tie tightly, and throw them back in to the wash. This time you might need to wash and dry them at least 2 cycles. They will continue to felt up with use.

Here are my finished balls!

Makes a great Christmas Gift too!

Depending on what type of yarn you use, they might get pilly after using them several times. Just use a sweater shaver to clean them up if this bothers you.

My Best Baby Gift Idea:

Add some baby blue or pink wool dryer balls to a large wicker laundry basket filled with other laundry items such as Oxyclean Free, Free and Clear Laundry detergent, a zippered washables laundry bag (you can find at Target), cloth diapers for cloth moms, a stain stick, or other laundry items you can think of.

Please feel free to leave comments if you have any questions!


  1. Have you ever tried to crochet a cover for these? I've been asked if it can be done and I've considered doing it, just trying to figure out if it would compromise the balls...

  2. I have never made a cover but that's a great idea. I know the 100% wool is what helps with static cling so I'm not sure if you would have to make the cover out of wool too. It would still be a great fluffer ball no matter what. They make my laundry nice and fluffy!

  3. Try making a wool cover for a tennis ball. It would use a lot less yarn- as 100% wool isn't as cheap as cotton or acrylic blend yarns. The weight of the tennis balls will help move them through wet laundry as the dryer runs.