Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Day Crochet


VALENTINE'S DAY is quickly approaching and just wanted to share a couple of thing with you. First are these adorable crochet valentines from THE PURL BEE. They have lots of crochet patterns and projects for all you crochet gals out there....check them out! I could spend all day looking at all of their cool projects.

Next, wanted to share some pictures of my Valentine's Day hat.
Lisa Shields Photography took these adorable photos and I thank her so much for sharing them with me... Thank you Lisa!

Lastly, just wanted to say HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Hope your is special and happy. I am just thankful for GOD'S LOVE this Valentine's Day. I hope I can share His love and be a blessing to someone on this day.  He showed me the most AMAZING and AWESOME LOVE the day he sent HIS son JESUS to die for me and you! 



  1. Your crochet is beautiful Jenny, as a fellow designer I just had to let you know how I admire your work. I wish my photography was half as good as yours. Keep up the good work. Heather.

  2. Thanks Heather! I clicked on your profile link and OH MY your work is wonderful! Wow, I wish I had more patience to do jackets and outfits like you do....beautiful work!! I liked your page on facebook as Jenny too. I will add your link too. Thanks for visiting me!