Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Photography Hats and Cocoons

Happy Baby Monkey hats for Twins $22 each

She is too cute for words... really!!!
Fuzzy Cocoon $37

Happy Baby Owl Hat $30

How BLESSED I am to have this beautiful newborn twins model my new creations? I get to make the hats AND see them modeled...I am twice-blessed! Thank you to my friend Jessica at Angel Eyes Photography for this amazing photos. Check out her website...if you live in the Atlanta area, Jessica is awesome! These will be listed for sale in my etsy shop soon. Until then, if you just contact me for more information.

I not only loved making these hats but when I saw the pictures, I was just SO EXCITED! I am even more excited about all the creations I have roaming around in my head...if I only had more hands and time to make them. I keep praying for patience and knowing that God will give me more time when my kids are a little older.

Well, I have had so much wonderful news today and I am giving thanks to God...I hope you are having a Blessed Day also!


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